Warrior Week

Day 1


It begins today!


This is the first day of the course! I hope you are as excited as I am about what you will learn this week!


Before we dive in, I want to give you an idea of what this week will look like.


Days 1-2 will be informative and directional. These two days will be building the foundation for the rest of the week. Please give what you learn today and tomorrow a lot of contemplation, and seek to apply it to your own martial arts training. The foundation will be the key to more rapid growth. Without the foundation you will lack the inner drive to progress and perfect your warrior training.


Days 3-7 we will be looking at some practical applications. You will learn concepts and habits that will transform your training almost overnight!


This week I will be providing you with the knowledge you need and showing you the entrance of the path. That is where this course ends. After that, it depends on you. Are you ready for the journey? Do you have the discipline and dedication that the life of a warrior demands? It will not be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.


Are you ready?




Let's dig in!


What is a warrior?

We could easily say it means "to be someone who is skilled at combat", but I don't think this description goes deep enough. Yes, a warrior is someone who is skilled at combat, but we need to ask WHY. Why are they skilled at combat?  What does it mean to be a warrior?


I think that there are 3 different types of warriors. A natural warrior, a taught warrior, and a forced warrior. This is how any warrior became the warrior that they are.


A "natural warrior" is someone who is born with the character and inclinations that make a warrior. They were predestined and created to live the life of a warrior. It's in their DNA, so to speak. They are naturally gifted with combative skills and they have a natural desire to grow in those skills. This type of warrior is rare, but we should all be glad that this type of warrior walks among us.


A "trained warrior" is someone who is not naturally gifted as a warrior, but they develop that gifting through diligent and disciplined training. A real-world example of this type of warrior would be a law enforcement officer who trains diligently so that he can better protect others.


A "forced warrior" is someone who is made a warrior by no will of their own. An example of this would be someone who is drafted into the military, and forced to engage in combat. Although this type of warrior can become skilled in combat, more often than not their heart is not in it. Therefore, their skill level is often inferior to that of other warriors. They lack the most important element of being a warrior. They lack the internal fire that drives a warrior onward. They lack purpose.


This is our last point of discussion for today, the fire within.


The warrior's purpose.


But before we get to that purpose, I have one question for you.


What type of warrior are you?




Every true warrior is fueled by some purpose, and every warrior's purpose is unique to that individual. The purpose that drives a warrior could be a multitude of things. It could be a desire to protect others, or it could be a desire to defend their country.


The list could go on indefinitely...


I have homework for you today! I am going to ask you a question and I want you to think about it throughout the day. Then, at the end of the day I want you to write your answer on paper.


It doesn't count if it’s not on paper!


Are you ready?


Here it is,


What drives the warrior within you?


Or to ask the question another way,


What is your purpose?


Your answer defines you.

And the rest of this weeks training will hang on it.

Until tomorrow,

Fear God Alone!