The Equalizer

The Equalizer

What role do weapons play to a warrior?

Have you given much thought to using weapons to your advantage?

Weapons are not anything in themselves. Every weapon from guns to swords are harmless unless they are being used by someone who knows how to utilize those weapons.

The deeper the warrior's skill, the more dangerous the weapon becomes.

Weapons are simply tools in a warrior's arsenal. They are force multipliers. Weapons amplify the force a warrior can use against a threat. They are the great equalizer. A weapon can level the playing field against a bigger and stronger foe.

A warrior understands this and uses it to his advantage.

It is important to use weapons if they are available to you. The weapons available to a warrior vary depending on local laws and the resources available to him. Not everyone can legally carry a gun or knife, but there are always other options. Even a pen can be a great equalizer.

Let’s look at some weapons that you can use to your advantage. Please note that I am listing practical weapons that are available on a daily basis. This will rule out many traditional weapons like swords.

Propulsion weapons

• Gun

• Pepper ball gun

Sharp weapons

• Knife

• Broken glass

Impact weapons

• Tonfa

• Expandable baton

• Tire beater

• Baseball bat

• Stick

• Lead pipe

• Large flashlight

Kubaton weapons

• Stick

• Pen

• Pencil

• Small flashlight

Other weapons

• Pepper spray

• Taser

• Stun gun

Weapons of opportunity

• Rock

• Broken glass

• Stick

• Chair

• Jacket

• Belt

• Fire extinguisher

Anything can be used as a weapon!

Here is a video of myself demonstrating just a few of the hundreds of options out there;

What are some weapons you could learn to use?

As warriors we need to be versatile and creative as we train.

How can you add weapons training to your everyday routine?

What weapon(s) are you going to train with?