Warrior Week

Day 5

The Shadow Warrior Concept

What is the Shadow Warrior Concept?

In order to answer that question, we need to break the concept down as a whole.

There are three foundational pillars;

• honing exceptional skill

• fighting from the shadows

• becoming a silent guardian

Honing exceptional skill

The first pillar is based on honing exceptional skill.

In order to live out the shadow warrior concept, one must have a superior level of combative and strategic skills in order to make a difference when a conflict arises.

If you are reading this, then you are already working on honing those skills.


Keep it up!

It is a life-long journey.

Fighting from the shadows

Imagine a thug trapping a woman in a dark alley. The man is aggressive, and there appears to be no hope.

Then, out of nowhere, a figure slips out of the shadows, and quickly neutralizes the aggressor. When he has done so, without a sound, the figure slips back into the shadows.

Is this how we should fight?


Well... at least in theory. Let me explain.

This story is simply an allegory of what it means to fight from the shadows in real life.

There are three things we can take away from this story.

#1 Watching from the shadows

A "Shadow Warrior" does not declare himself to be a warrior to the whole world. He wants to appear as a normal untrained civilian. He wants to appear as harmless as is possible. These are the proverbial "shadows" that we use to our advantage.

Imagine that you are a bad guy about to commit a robbery. You walk into the location you plan to rob and see two people. One is a guy who looks like an IT nerd and has a smaller build. The other is a well-built man with the classic military look. Based solely on appearances, which one would you be most worried about?

Which one would you shoot first?

Which one is "hiding in the shadows" and which is attracting attention?

#2 Using those shadows to your advantage in a surprise attack

Now imagine that the guy in our analogy who looks like a nerd is really a highly trained warrior. He can use the proverbial shadows as a surprise attack to even the playing field and neutralize the threat. We must learn to use the "shadows" to our advantage. Even an unskilled fighter can save the day when using the shadows to his advantage.

#3 Withdrawing back into the shadows

This third part is about humility.

What happens after the threat is stopped?

Will you bask in the "light" of admiration and be known as a warrior everywhere you go?

Or will you be humble enough to withdraw back into the shadows in order to fight again?

Becoming a silent guardian

Why fight from the shadows?

Why train at all?

Remember the warrior's purpose?

Remember the call to protect the defenseless?

This is one of the most useful tools to aid us to live that out.

A warrior needs to use the shadow warrior concept in order to be a silent guardian that is ready to act when the time comes.

It has to be lived out in our everyday lives. we have to keep a low profile and stay vigilante. That way we have an advantage when it is time to act.

Being a silent guardian is being a protector of those around us. A warrior may fight for himself, but a worthy warrior fights for those who need his protection most.

Here is a short video that addresses this concept further;


In conclusion;

We need to be watchful protectors that hone our skills every day in order to act when the time comes.

But we need to do this silently, and not attract unwanted attention to ourselves.

How can you apply what you learned today?

Until tomorrow,

Fear God Alone!