Warrior Week

Day 3

The Human body


There are two essential concepts that a warrior must understand well and seek to master. These concepts center around the human anatomy. A warrior must know the human body well and use that knowledge to his advantage.


The two concepts are:


1. Use your body as a weapon.

2. How to damage your opponent's body when necessary.


Let's break these down in detail.


Your body as a weapon


A warrior understands that every inch of their body can be used as a weapon. Many who are new to the study of combat have yet to realize the capabilities of the human body to be used as a weapon.


What parts of the body can you think of that can be used as a weapon?


I will demonstrate this a little, but keep in mind that these are just examples and I will only be brushing the surface of this concept.


• punches

• palm heel

• knife hand chop

• ridge hand

• eye poke/gouge

• scratch

• grab

• choke

• back fist

• hammer fist

• slap

• backhand



• forearm chop



There are more than a dozen attacks you can do with your elbows!



• front kick

• side kick

• round kick

• axe kick

• crescent kick

• hook kick

• push kick



• shin round kick

• shin front kick



• front knee strike

• side knee strike

• drawing knee

• dropping knee

• reverse knee strike



• headbutt

• biting


(Whole body)

• ram


The possibilities are endless!


Everything is a weapon!

Every part of your body, and every object that you see! 


But remember this, the best weapon that you can master is yourself.

Your mind is the weapon. Everything else is just a tool.


Critical Targeting


A warrior also understands how fragile the human body is, and how to use that for his advantage.

We are all fragile and easy to kill. This truth must be applied to a warrior's mindset and combatives. 


The understanding of man's fragility aids a warrior in two ways:


#1 It keeps the warrior from being reckless.

A warrior knows that if mankind is fragile, he shares in its fragility. This gives the warrior a realistic mindset. He knows that he is mortal and must be cautious of his foes. 


#2 It aids the warrior in defeating his enemy.

If all men are fragile, so is the enemy. The warrior studies the human body and the best ways to destroy it. This concept is known as critical targeting. 1 blow to a vital target is worth more than 20 blows to a useless one. A warrior knows this well.


This is a concept that could fill books with its implications, but I will at least introduce you to the theory.




G.E.N is an acronym for Groin, Eyes and Neck.

These are examples of critical targets on the human body.


I have written a blog post that introduces the theory of critical targeting starting with the G.E.N strategy. To explore this concept deeper you can use this link,






I hope you enjoyed today's lesson, but before I go, I have a quick challenge for you!


Pretend that you are about to be attacked. Someone is coming for you, and you only have 30 seconds to arm yourself before they get to you. Now quick! 30 seconds! Find something to use as a weapon!


How did you do?


Don't worry if you weren't fast enough, or if your "weapon" wasn't as good as you would have liked it to be. You can only grow from here!


Well, that's all for today! 


I'll look forward to tomorrow's lesson!


Until then,

Fear God Alone!